All We Are Enterıng A New Era

All We Are Enterıng A New Era

The era of “sales-oriented sales” closed seven-eight years ago. The era of “human-oriented sales” has started. Immortal companies that have digested human-oriented sales, though, target employee satisfaction before customer satisfaction. They know it is impossible to create happy customers with unhappy employees. In the upcoming decade, companies that attach importance on human values will grow even further, while those companies that do not attach importance to these values will lose reputation. Companies that undervalue human values and find them philosophical or unrealistic will lose value in the eyes of customers and employees. This situation will start with several largest brands of the world and occur rapidly all over the world.


Amid all this dynamism, I have been a private sector trainer for many years. I have given trainings and served as a consultant and coach to professionals of all levels from the level of top managers to that of store sales representatives. My training adventure, which started with product trainings of computers, digital cameras, printers and similar technological equipment, has continued with personal development seminars and then with consultancy and coaching. Later, all these experiences fermented in my mind and heart. I decided to build strong suspension bridges out of the strings between commercial life and sales, and sales and human psychology. Almost every company that you see around you survive thanks to sales. Those who produce, distribute, and merchandise all earn their bread thanks to salespeople. However, majority of salespeople, who constitute the last link before the customer in this cycle, are trying to meet the targets they are given only with their personal experience. Indeed, most salespeople do not set targets for themselves, some other people doing this on behalf of them, and it is generally those who make strategic decisions rather than those who make the sales who advance in their careers. Some of the store sales representatives that I train, generally those who have worked at the same position for at least seven years but cannot find a way of moving up the career ladder, make a wry face about this subject. But I am sorry… You cannot join these teams by being jealous of those who make strategic decisions. You can even be more experienced than the people in these teams; however, look, they are at a different altitude, and this must have some concrete reasons. As for those who underrate this fact and just call it “luck”. By all means, there is not a reality that occurs outside the circle of luck. However, luck somehow chases some professionals while it runs away from some others. This must have a reason, too… Check your focus point… Are you putting your effort on still sales oriented strategy or you’re customer focus oriented? And please remember that all your colleagues are also your customers… Think about it…

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